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High throughput data analysis

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    "With acquisition of a massive parallel sequencer (Illumina [SOLEXA] Genome Analyzer) and microarray platform (Illumina BeadStation) along with other high-throughput experimental technologies, the Wistar Institute's Cancer Center is now well positioned to pursue new avenues of cancer research, particularly in understanding and modeling the genomic changes in cancer development and progression. These technologies generate huge genome-wide multiple data-sets that require equally complex and sophisticated databases, and analyses tools. The bioinformatics shared facility collaborates with the Center for Systems and Computational Biology to develop integrative analytical frameworks for the analysis of the data sets generated by Wistar investigators. The bioinformatics shred facility will provide consulting and integrative data-mining support for: • Analyzing SOLEXA data including ChIP-seq, RNA-seq (digital gene expression), small RNA-seq, RNAs associated with RNA binding proteins, SNP genotyping, genome re-sequencing, and de-novo sequencing. • Analyzing microarray data including gene expression, ChIP-chip, methylation profiling, copy number variation (CNV), SNP genotyping, miRNA profiling, protein/peptide array data. • Analyzing proteomics data (e.g. mass spectrometry-based spectra, LCMS, DIGE). • Analyzing molecular screening data by working with the molecular screening facility."
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    Bioinformatics Facility (Wistar)
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