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Sanger sequencing service

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    "The facility uses two ABI (Applied Biosystems) sequencers: one 96-capillary 3730XL and one 16-capillary 3130XL sequencer. The sequencing is done on 3730XL with BigDye Taq FS Terminator V 3.1. The genotyping and fragment sizing are done on 3130XL;. Please consult our recommendations for template preparation to avoid failures. Standard primers (listed below) are provided by the facility at no charge. Custom primers are to be provided by the user, the facility no longer synthesizes primers. Compared to the previous generation ABI 3700 sequencer, the 3730XL offers enhanced data quality and more successful samples per run, minimum reagent and sample consumption, high reliability, easy maintenance, and automated operation with accurate sample tracking. It generates enormous amounts of information faster and at a lower cost. The sequence length of read (LOR) is routinely more than 700 bases with < 2% error or ambiguity. Users can either choose to have the full sequencing reaction done at the facility, or provide ready-to-load samples (reaction and purification done by user). Our latest offer is high throughput DNA Sequencing at a low introductory price. Please use the relevant link for more information. The turn around time has recently been reduced to one working day for all samples submitted by 3:30 PM with only occasional exceptions due to staff shortage, very high demand, and/or equipment failure. More and more emphasis is being put on the quality of the sequencing data. Every sequence result is looked at for overall quality, and accuracy of the base call. Whenever necessary, the samples are either reanalyzed with a different base caller and the bases edited, or reloaded to improve the quality. In some cases, samples are resequenced at no extra cost. Network licenses for the most common sequence analysis software like Mac Vector, Sequencher, Vector NTI are available from the Penn Molecular Profiling Group. Facility staff will consult with users whenever there are problems, and will make suggestions to improve sequencing results for regular and difficult templates. As indicated on the sequencing submission site and the Submission Guide, please provide only requisite amount of template (or template + primer mix) for each reaction in a separate conjoined 0.2 ml strip tubes. This is necessary so that the samples can be processed on Biomek robot. Users may request that templates and primers be kept at the facility if they are being used in an active sequencing project."
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    ABI 3730XL DNA analyzer
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    Penn Genomics Analysis Core
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    DNA sequencing assay
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    Chain termination sequencing
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