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Genotyping and fragment analysis service

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  1. Material analysis service


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    "Genotyping/Fragment sizing is currently done on ABI (Applied Biosystems) 3130XL capillary sequencer, for microsatellite-based genotyping used in linkage analysis, identifying VNTR alleles in a genetic screen, mapping genomic clones, or any other purposes. For this PCR products need to be generated with one primer labeled on the 5′ side preferably with an ABI synthesized dye FAM, HEX (or VIC), NED etc (see below). Submit about 3-4 μl PCR products (single or pooled) in 0.2 μl strip tubes or in a reaction plate. Samples can also be submitted in a ready-to-load format (PCR products + ROX size standard + formamide already added) on an ABI 96-well reaction plate."
  3. Related Resource
    ABI 3130XL DNA analyzer
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    ABI GeneMapper
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    Penn Genomics Analysis Core
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  7. Related Technique
    Single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis
  8. Related Technique
    Microsatellite analysis
  9. Related Technique
    Genotyping assay
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