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iPSC derivation from fibroblasts using lentiviral vector or Sendai virus

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  1. Material production service


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    "The Core accepts either live or frozen cell stocks. Submitted cells MUST be mycoplasma free before they are accepted. Cells should also be at low passages (preferably <10) and are proliferating as non-dividing cells are refractory to reprogramming. This service takes 3-6 months to complete and includes the following: • Expansion, mycoplasma testing, cryopreservation of fibroblast culture • Transduction of fibroblasts with lentiviral vector or Sendai viral vectors • iPSC colony picking • Expansion of 4 iPSC clones • Mycoplasma testing • FACS analysis of 2 pluripotency markers (TRA-1-60 and SSEA4) • Cryopreservation of iPSC lines (4-6 vials/clone) • Will deliver 4 clones (frozen or live culture) at passage >5"
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    Derivation of iPSCs
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    Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core Facility (Penn)
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  7. Related Protocol(s)
    Lentivirus generation protocol
  8. Related Protocol(s)
    Mouse embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell culture
  9. Related Technique
    Viral infection
  10. Related Technique
    Mycoplasma testing
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