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Embryo cryopreservation

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    "Freezing mouse embryos is a convenient way to preserve in important mouse line for possible future use or to protect this line against loss due to infection, lab accident, etc. Embryo freezing could also result in substantial reduction in housing cost and cage use. A set of five to seven young male mice will be needed to generate enough embryos for each freezing set. The male founders will be subjected to a waiting period in the containment area, as required by ULAR, prior to admission into the barrier colony. A minimum of 300 healthy embryos will be frozen per transgenic/knockout line that is hemizygous for the transgene. In the case where the mouse line is homozygous for the transgene, 150 embryos will suffice. Several weeks after the completion of the freezing process, a few embryo samples will be removed and processed through thawing and monitoring development to assess their viability and ability to develop to term. The facility will now store the frozen samples and maintain the records of your cryopreserved lines."
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    Richa, Jean., PhD
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    Mus musculus
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    Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility (Penn)
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