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Akt1 targeting vector

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    The Akt1 gene spanning from intron 3 to intron 13 was obtained by screening of a mouse genomic library (lambda FIXII Library; Stratagene). After digestion with SmaI and HindIII, a 1.5-kb fragment of intron 3 was treated with Klenow enzyme and subcloned into the preblunted XbaI site of the loxP-flanked neomycin resistance/thymidine kinase selection cassette vector (pInt3Akt1-loxPneo/TK). A 1.5-kb fragment, which spanned intron 3 to intron 5 and was obtained from Akt1 genomic DNA by digestion with HindIII, was treatment with Klenow enzyme and subcloned into the loxP cassette vector (plox-Akt1ex4-5). A 3-kb fragment obtained from Akt1 genomic DNA by digestion with HindIII and SstI, which spanned intron 5 to intron 12, was treated with Klenow enzyme and inserted into the preblunted ClaI site of plox-Akt1ex4-5 (plox-Akt1ex4-12). After digesting plox-Akt1ex4-12 with SalI and HindIII, a 4.5-kb fragment was inserted between the SalI and HindIII sites of pInt3Akt1-loxPneo/TK.
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    Birnbaum Laboratory
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