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CoQ level in tissues

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    At 75 days of age, the content of Q<sub>9</sub> and Q<sub>10</sub> in kidney lipid content is significantly lower than wild-type littermates and fails to increase with age. A similar trend was observed in liver.
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    Chronic probucol supplementation, chow supplemented with probucol from birth to age 207 days, significantly elevated total CoQ content in the liver. Both CoQ<sub>9</sub> and CoQ<sub>10</sub> were approximately two-fold greater in females than males at baseline and increased following long-term probucol treatment in both genders.
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    Short-term (15 day) probucol treatment in mice showing albuminuria resulted in elevated total CoQ<sub>9</sub> and marginally increased total CoQ<sub>10</sub> in the kidney. No significant differences in CoQ<sub>9</sub> or CoQ<sub>10</sub> levels were observed in liver.
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    abnormal kidney physiology
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