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Patterns from Gene Expression

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  1. Algorithmic software suite


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    "PaGE can be used to produce sets of differentially expressed genes with confidence measures attached. These lists are generated the False Discovery Rate method of controlling the false positives. But PaGE is more than a differential expression analysis tool. PaGE is a tool to attach descriptive , dependable, and easily interpretable expression patterns to genes across multiple conditions, each represented by a set of replicated array experiments. The input consists of (replicated) intensities from a collection of array experiments from two or more conditions (or from a collection of direct comparisons on 2-channel arrays). The output consists of patterns, one for each row identifier in the data file. One condition is used as a reference to which the other types are compared. The length of a pattern equals the number of non-reference sample types. The symbols in the patterns are integers, where positive integers represent up-regulation as compared to the reference sample type and negative integers represent down-regulation. The patterns are based on the false discovery rates for each position in the pattern, so that the number of positive and negative symbols that appear in each position of the pattern is as descriptive as the data variability allows. The patterns generated are easily interpretable in that integers are used to represent different levels of up- or down-regulation as compared to the reference sample type."
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  3. Used by
    Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory
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  5. Data Input
    Gene expression intensities
  6. Data Output
    Gene expression patterns
  7. Software purpose
    Differential expression analysis objective
  8. Related Publication or Documentation
    A practical false discovery rate approach to identifying patterns of differential expression in microarray data
  9. Website(s)
  10. Related Technique
    Data analysis
  11. Related Technique
    RNA sequencing
  12. Related Technique
    MeDIP-SEQ assay
  13. Related Technique
    ChIP-seq assay
  14. Developed by
    Grant, Gregory R., Ph.D.
  15. Developed by
    Manduchi, Elisabetta., PhD
  16. Algorithm used
    Multiple testing
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