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  1. Mus musculus


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    <a href=http://jaxmice.jax.org/strain/008169.html target=_window><img src=https://eagle-i.net/images/jacksonlabs-button-large.png alt='Order from Jackson Laboratory'></a>
  2. Resource Description
    "A transgenic construct containing the P301S mutant human microtubule-associated protein tau, MAPT, under the direction of the mouse prion protein, Prnp, promoter was injected into fertilized B6C3F1 mouse eggs. Founder animals were bred to B6C3F1/J or B6C3F1/Crl mice. The resulting transgenic mice were maintained as hemizygotes on the B6C3F1."
  3. Additional Name
    P301S tau (line PS19)
  4. Additional Name
    PS19 Tg
  5. Related Disease
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    Synapse loss and microglial activation precede tangles in a P301S tauopathy mouse model
  7. Parental Strain Name
  8. Biological process studied
  9. Genetic Alteration(s)
  10. Phenotype Findings
    Premature death
  11. Phenotype Findings
    Paralysis and hunched posture
  12. Phenotype Findings
    Limb grasping
  13. Phenotype Findings
  14. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal CNS synaptic transmission
  15. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal excitatory postsynaptic potential
  16. Phenotype Findings
    Reduced long term potentiation
  17. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal brain morphology
  18. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal amygdala morphology
  19. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal brain ventricle morphology
  20. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal cerebral cortex morphology
  21. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal entorhinal cortex morphology
  22. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal hippocampus morphology
  23. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal dentate gyrus morphology
  24. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal hippocampal mossy fiber morphology
  25. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal hippocampus pyramidal cell morphology
  26. Phenotype Findings
    Loss of hippocampal neurons
  27. Phenotype Findings
    Neurofibrillary tangles
  28. Phenotype Findings
    Tau protein deposits
  29. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal spinal cord white matter morphology
  30. Phenotype Findings
  31. Phenotype Findings
    Decreased paired-pulse facilitation
  32. Phenotype Findings
  33. Phenotype Findings
    Dystrophic muscle
  34. Phenotype Findings
    Progressive muscle weakness
  35. Location
    Lee Laboratory
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    tjohnson (Tenille Johnson)
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