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HP transgenic mice

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  1. Mus musculus


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    The transgene in this strain contains an entire copy of a genetically engineered MMTV provirus in which the 3' half (including 3' LTR, <i>env</i>, and <i>sag</i> genes) was derived from C3H exogenous virus and the 5' half (including 5' LTR, <i>gag</i>, and <i>pol</i> genes) came from the <i>Mtv</i>-1 endogenous locus in C3H/HeN mice. The plasmid hybrid MMTV (a gift from G.M. Shackleford, University of California, Los Angeles) was linearized, then microinjected into the pronucleus of fertilized one-cell eggs recovered from the oviducts of females that had mated with males of the same strain the previous night. Microinjected C3H/HeN MTV<sup>-</sup> fertilized zygotes were implanted into SW pseudopregnant foster mothers. The strain was carried by breeding heterozygous transgenic males to C3H/HeN females.
  2. Additional Name
  3. Related Disease
    viral infectious disease
  4. Related Publication or Documentation
    Mouse mammary tumor viruses with functional superantigen genes are selected during in vivo infection
  5. Related Publication or Documentation
    The mouse mammary tumor virus envelope gene product is required for superantigen presentation to T cells
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    An immunoreceptor tyrosine activation motif in the mouse mammary tumor virus envelope protein plays a role in virus-induced mammary tumors
  7. Parental Strain Name
  8. Genetic Alteration(s)
  9. Phenotype Findings
    Deletion of Vβ14 T cells
  10. Phenotype Findings
    Splenocytes present Sag
  11. Phenotype Findings
    Low tumor incidence
  12. Phenotype Findings
    Increased number of lobuloalveolar buds
  13. Phenotype Findings
    MMTV in milk
  14. Location
    Ross Laboratory
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