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  1. Mus musculus


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    C57BL/6-C3<sup>−/−</sup> (G6 backcross) from Dr. Rick Wetsel (University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston) were further backcrossed in-house. In the C3 gene: "A genomic fragment containing 2.3 kb of the 5' flanking region and the first 105 bp of exon 1 was replaced with a neomycin selection cassette." This strain is cryo-preserved.
  2. Related Publication or Documentation
    Genetic and therapeutic targeting of properdin in mice prevents complement-mediated tissue injury
  3. Related Publication or Documentation
    The complement inhibitory protein DAF (CD55) suppresses T cell immunity in vivo
  4. Related Publication or Documentation
    Blocking Properdin, the Alternative Pathway, and Anaphylatoxin Receptors Ameliorates Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Decay-Accelerating Factor and CD59 Double-Knockout Mice
  5. Related Publication or Documentation
    Regulation of Toll-like receptor–mediated inflammatory response by complement in vivo
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    Deficiency of decay-accelerating factor and complement receptor 1–related gene/protein y on murine platelets leads to complement-dependent clearance by the macrophage phagocytic receptor CRIg
  7. Related Publication or Documentation
    Complement-mediated clearance of erythrocytes: mechanism and delineation of the regulatory roles of Crry and DAF. Decay-accelerating factor
  8. Related Publication or Documentation
    Deletion of Crry and DAF on murine platelets stimulates thrombopoiesis and increases factor H-dependent resistance of peripheral platelets to complement attack
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  10. Parental Strain Name
  11. Biological process studied
    Immune system process
  12. Genetic Alteration(s)
  13. Phenotype Findings
    Protection against K/BxN mouse serum induced arthritis
  14. Phenotype Findings
    Normal cytokine level
  15. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal erythrocyte clearance
  16. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal complement protein level
  17. Phenotype Findings
    Response to antigen restimulation
  18. Phenotype Findings
    Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis phenotype
  19. Location
    Wen-Chao Song Laboratory
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