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  1. Mus musculus


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    These mice were a gift from Dr. Hector Molina. Insertion of a neomycin resistance cassette in exon 5 resulted in mice deficient in <i>Crry</i>. Heterozygous mice, obtained from gene targeting in embryonic stem cells and blastocyst injection, were crossed with C3<sup>-/-</sup> mice and subsequently intercrossed to generate Crry<sup>-/-</sup>C3<sup>-/-</sup> mice. Crry and C3 are absent from platelets.
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  3. Related Publication or Documentation
    Crry, but not CD59 and DAF, is indispensable for murine erythrocyte protection in vivo from spontaneous complement attack
  4. Related Publication or Documentation
    Activator-specific requirement of properdin in the initiation and amplification of the alternative pathway complement
  5. Related Publication or Documentation
    Deficiency of decay-accelerating factor and complement receptor 1–related gene/protein y on murine platelets leads to complement-dependent clearance by the macrophage phagocytic receptor CRIg
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    Complement-mediated clearance of erythrocytes: mechanism and delineation of the regulatory roles of Crry and DAF. Decay-accelerating factor
  7. Related Publication or Documentation
    Deletion of Crry and DAF on murine platelets stimulates thrombopoiesis and increases factor H-dependent resistance of peripheral platelets to complement attack
  8. Related Publication or Documentation
    Retrovirus-mediated over-expression of decay-accelerating factor rescues Crry-deficient erythrocytes from acute alternative pathway complement attack
  9. Related Publication or Documentation
    A critical role for murine complement regulator crry in fetomaternal tolerance
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  11. Parental Strain Name
    mixed 129/C57BL/6
  12. Biological process studied
    Immune system process
  13. Genetic Alteration(s)
  14. Genetic Alteration(s)
  15. Phenotype Findings
    Normal survival
  16. Phenotype Findings
    Abnormal complement pathway
  17. Location
    Wen-Chao Song Laboratory
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