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Capillary DNA sequencing and microsatellite analysis

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    "The facility uses an ABI 3130xl capillary machine for Sanger-type sequencing with fluorescently-labeled dye-terminators, the ABI four-color detection, and sequence analysis system." "Purified DNA is provided by the investigator with an order form specifying the quantity, form (double-stranded, single-stranded, or PCR product) and estimated size of the DNA. It is essential that the size and concentration of PCR products are determined accurately prior to sequencing. Lambda or Bac clones require submission of greater quantities of DNA." "For each sequencing run, investigators must provide in numbered or labeled 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes: <b>Double-stranded DNA:</b> 1-1.5 µg of purified DNA at 0.2-0.25 µg/µl <b>Single-stranded DNA:</b> 1 µg of purified DNA at 0.1-0.125 µg/µl <b>PCR products:</b> at least 15ng of purified DNA per 100 bp of PCR product in 5ul water <b>Lambda phage or Bac clones:</b> 10ug purified DNA at 2-2.5 µg/µl A name designation of 8 or fewer characters and the primers to be used for each run must be clearly indicated on the submission form. <b>M13 forward, M13 reverse, T7, T3, and SP6 primers</b> are provided by the Facility at no additional cost. Specific primers must be supplied by the investigator at 3.2 pmoles/µl. <b>Microsatellite Analysis: at least 450ng of DNA at 30ng/ul for 5 loci assay, and 10ng of DNA at 0.125ng/ul for 16 loci assay.</b> Depending on well availability, DNA samples delivered by 11:00 am will be available the next day at 3:00 pm." "For clean double-stranded templates, extremely accurate sequence reads of >=600 bases are obtained routinely. Text files of sequence data are e-mailed. The original result folder from the ABI base caller is placed in a computer folder for electronic retrieval if needed. Other modes of delivery can be arranged."
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    Nguyen, Tran, M.S.
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    Capillary sequencing and microsatellite analysis specialist
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    ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer
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    Genomics Facility (Wistar)
  8. Related Technique
    Microsatellite analysis
  9. Related Technique
    DNA sequencing assay
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