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MudPIT (LC/LC-MS/MS) analyis–comprehensive analysis of a subproteome or proteome

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    "This service is analogous to Gel/LC-MS/MS except that the subproteome or proteome is digested with a protease in solution rather than separation on a gel, and the digest then is fractionated by ion exchange chromatography prior to LC-MS/MS analysis as described above. This method typically yields less protein identifications and sequence coverage compared with Gel/LC-MS/MS when the same number of fractions and LC-MS/MS runs are used. In addition, there is no information concerning approximate Molecular Weight of the identified proteins. Hence, Gel/LC-MS/MS is recommended for most subproteome and proteome analyses. Nonetheless, MudPIT can be used as needed in special situations."
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    Proteomics Facility (Wistar)
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