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Confocal microscopy service

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  1. Material analysis service


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    "A Leica TCS SP5 II scanning laser confocal system with resonant scanner and environmental chamber is also available for individual and assisted imaging. This instrument allows investigators to carry out high-resolution, single cell observations, spectral separations, thick specimen analysis and co-localization studies in both fixed and dynamically interacting cell populations. It supports studies designed for both single timepoint examinations as well as multi-dimensional time-lapse observations. This equipment will allow long-term, environmentally controlled, minimmaly photo-toxic, reduced noise, high resolution microscopy, and the ability to carry out FRET, FRAP, confocal reflectance, 3D and 4D tracking, and temporal, spectral and spatial analysis. This system has 9 laser lines and 3 spectral PMT detectors, as well as 2 HyD detectors for superior sensitivity and single photon capability. Sample preparation is generally done by the interested lab and analysis of the captured images can be done with the Leica analysis package or with 3rd party options available in the Core."
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    Leica TCS SP5 II scanning confocal microscope
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    Imaging Facility (Wistar)
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  7. Related Technique
    Confocal microscopy
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    Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
  9. Related Technique
    Fluorescence resonance energy transfer
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