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  1. Mus musculus


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    Anti-dsDNA antibody heavy chain knock-in mouse bred on B6 background. The heterozygous B6.56R mouse has an in-frame 56R H chain rearrangement inserted in the JH locus on one allele (the 56R allele). The B6.56R model has three important properties that can be exploited to study H chain rearrangement. First, the H chain is well characterized and is known to produce anti-dsDNA antibodies with all but a handful of L chains. Second, there is a clear precursor-product relationship because all B cells start out with the rearranged 56R H chain DNA. Third, additional H chain rearrangements can be detected phenotypically and genetically.
  2. Additional Name
    anti-DNA heavy chain knock-in mouse
  3. Related Publication or Documentation
    Antibodies in a heavy chain knock-in mouse exhibit characteristics of early heavy chain rearrangement.
  4. Related Publication or Documentation
    Development and selection of edited B cells in B6.56R mice.
  5. Related Publication or Documentation
    B-cell tolerance defects in the B6.Aec1/2 mouse model of Sjögren's syndrome.
  6. Related Publication or Documentation
    RS rearrangement frequency as a marker of receptor editing in lupus and type 1 diabetes.
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  8. Parental Strain Name
  9. Biological process studied
    Immune system process
  10. Biological process studied
    immunoglobulin production
  11. Genetic Alteration(s)
  12. Phenotype Findings
    Spontaneous production of anti-dsDNA antibodies with age.
  13. Location
    Luning Prak Laboratory
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