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Cyclotron Facility radiopharmaceutical production service

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    "The cyclotron facility was built in 1985 and is a below grade building originally containing approximately 5100 square feet of space with a Japan Steel Works (JSW) BC3015, 30 MeV cyclotron. The JSW is capable of accelerating p, d, <sup>3</sup>He, and <sup>4</sup>He. The machine energy is variable with three pre-sets. For protons, the energies are 15, 22, and 30 MeV. Typical beam currents are 10-20 µA, with a maximum current capability of 30-40 µA. In 2010, an IBA 18/9 MeV Cyclone machine was installed in an expanded vault next to the existing JSW cyclotron, increasing the overall laboratory space to just over 8000 square feet. The addition of the IBA greatly enhances our ability to produce a larger number of radiotracers for PET research studies. Higher beam currents are available with the new cyclotron versus the JSW. Also, <sup>18</sup>F-- production yields increase from 2 Ci to 12 Ci and <sup>11</sup>C yields of 3 Ci are achieved in approximately half the time as compared to the JSW. Deuteron production of <sup>18</sup>F<sub>2</sub> is approximately twice the JSW capacity (300 mCi vs. 150 mCi) due mainly to the higher current of the deuteron beam from the IBA machine. In addition, the IBA has a “double shot” target capable of producing 1.2 Ci of <sup>18</sup>F<sub>2</sub> in approximately 90 minutes. Current radiopharmaceutical production includes <sup>11</sup>C, <sup>13</sup>N, <sup>15</sup>O, and <sup>18</sup>F (both gas and liquid forms).: The list of radiopharmaceuticals available from the Cyclotron Facility include: <sup>11</sup>C-Carfentanil, <sup>11</sup>C-PIB, <sup>18</sup>F-AV45, <sup>18</sup>F-FDG, <sup>18</sup>F-FHBG, <sup>18</sup>F-FMISO, <sup>18</sup>F-Flutemetamol, <sup>18</sup>F-Me-Choline, <sup>18</sup>F-FLT, <sup>99m</sup>Tc-Trodat, <sup>3</sup>H-Cholesterol, and <sup>123</sup>I-ADAM.
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    Positron Emission Tomography Center (Penn)
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