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Genome wide Affymetrix SNP genotyping assay

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    <strong>Human SNP Array 6.0 (Single Chip)</strong> "The Array 6.0 features 1.8 million genetic markers, including more than 906,600 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and more than 946,000 probes for the detection of copy number variation. The SNP Array 6.0 is the only platform with analysis tools to truly bridge copy number and association, including a new, high-resolution reference map and a copy number polymorphism (CNP) calling algorithm developed by the Broad Institute. The SNP Array 6.0 demonstrates industry-leading performance and represents more genetic variation on a single array than any other product, providing maximum panel power and the highest physical coverage of the genome. The high price-performance value of the SNP Array 6.0 enables researchers to design association studies with larger sample sizes in the initial scan and replication phases, thereby significantly increasing the overall genetic power of their studies. The SNP 6.0 Assay is based on a whole-genome sampling assay. In this assay, genomic DNA (500 ng) is digested with Nsp I and Sty I restriction enzymes and ligated to adaptors that recognize the cohesive 4 bp overhangs. All fragments resulting from restriction enzyme digestion, regardless of size, are substrates for adaptor ligation. A generic primer that recognizes the adaptor sequence is used to amplify adaptor-ligated DNA fragments. PCR conditions have been optimized to preferentially amplify fragments in the 200 to 1,100 bp size range. PCR amplification products for each restriction enzyme digest are combined and cleaned using a bead based or isopropanol precipitation method. Amplified DNA is then fragmented, labeled, and hybridized to the array." <strong>Axiom on Gene Titan (16, 24 and 96 Format Array Plates)</strong> "The Axiom Genotyping Solution is for genome-wide association studies (GWAS), replication studies, and candidate gene association studies. It includes predesigned and customized array plates with validated genomic content from the Axiom Genomic Database. This end-to-end solution also includes complete reagent kits, data analysis tools, and a fully automated workflow utilizing the Gene Titan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument. Key Features and Benefits of the Assay • Flexible content - optimize your studies with a diverse set of relevant and novel variants • Fast results • More power - run more samples within your budget • Greater confidence - generate reliable results with end-to-end automated sample processing and fully optimized reagent kits"
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