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Multiplexed gene expression assays

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    "The QuantiGene Plex (QGP) assay (Panomics/Affymetrix) is the most accurate and precise assay for multiplexed gene expression quantitation. Using the Luminex xMAP technology, QGP assays allow the simultaneous measurement of 3 to 80 mRNA species in every well of a 96-well plate. The QGP assay incorporates the exclusively-licensed and clinically proven branched DNA technology from Siemens that is used in the Versant® viral load assays for HIV, HBV and HCV. Branched DNA assays allow for the direct measurement of RNA transcripts by using signal amplification rather than template amplification. The assay is simple and easy to use; QGP does not require RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis or PCR amplification. The QuantiGene Plex assay is ideal to validate GeneChip or Next Generation Sequencing data and to validate biomarkers for translational research. • True Multiplexing- Measure up to 80 genes of interest and housekeeping genes in the same well, with no cross-reactivity. • Standardized Platform- 96-well plate format compatible with Luminex FlexMap3D systems. • Simple Workflow- ELISA-like workflow for direct hybridization of transcripts to beads and transcript labeling. • No PCR- No RNA purification, no reverse transcription, no PCR amplification and none of the associated artifacts. • Works with Difficult Sample Types- Works with degraded and cross-linked RNA in FFPE tissues and directly with blood. • Large inventory of validated genes- Over 15,000 genes can be mixed to create pathway- and disease-themed panels. • Fast Customization- If Panomics don't have your gene(s), custom panels are available."
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    Luminex FLEXMAP 3D
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    Molecular Profiling Facility (Penn)
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    Multiplex bead assay
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