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Digital PCR service

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  1. Material analysis service


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    Services include: <strong>12.765 Digital Array 48.770 Digital Array</strong> "Digital PCR works by partitioning a sample into many individual real-time PCR reactions; some portion of these reactions contain the target molecule (positive) while others do not (negative). Following PCR analysis, the fraction of negative reactions is used to generate an absolute count of the number of target molecules in the sample, without reference to standards or endogenous controls." "To meet the need for absolute quantitation and detection of target sequences Fluidigm qdPCR 37K™ IFC has the ability to perform four-plex detection. Since other platforms are limited to two-plex capabilities up to 80% savings per sample is expected when an experiment demands higher-plex capabilities, without sacrificing accuracy. Key Features and Benefits of the Assay • Rare Allele Detection • Low-Fold Copy Number Discrimination • Absolute Quantification of Viral Load • Absolute Quantification of Nucleic Acid Standards • Absolute Quantification of Next-Generation Sequencing Libraries"
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    Fluidigm BioMark HD
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    Molecular Profiling Facility (Penn)
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  7. Related Technique
    Multiplex bead assay
  8. Related Technique
    Real-time PCR
  9. Related Technique
    Copy number variation profiling
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