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Intracellular cytokine, tetramer staining and immunophenotyping service

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    "Used routinely to quantify cytotoxic T cells by virtue of their IFNg secretion and binding capacity to MHC class I tetramers and also with cell surface markers to identify the cell subsets. Recently, we have included cytokines such as IL2 as well as TNFa to the staining panel to be able to quantify polyfunctional T cells (cells that co-secrete IFNγ, IL2 and TNFα). Recognition and quantification of the different cytotoxic T cell subsets yield a better understanding of the quality and magnitude of ongoing T cell responses in both Gene therapy and vaccine settings. Phenotyping of antigen specific T cells elicited is extremely important in the evaluation of a T cell response generated in gene transfer and vaccine applications. Using a combination of cell surface markers, we can now differentiate naïve, central memory and effector/effector memory T cells in both non-human primates and mice. The memory phenotyping panel in NHPs is: CD95/CD28/CD8/CD4/IFNγ, while that used in mice is: CD8/Gag-tetramer/CD127/CD62L. <img src="http://www.med.upenn.edu/gtp/user_images/clip_image004.gif" alt="Figure 2 from core website"> Figure 2 : T cell response in NHP monitored for secretion of IFNγ, TNFα and IL2 by ICS as well as memory phenotyping using combinations of cell surface markers CD28 and CD95. <img src="http://www.med.upenn.edu/gtp/user_images/clip_image006.gif" alt="Figure 3 from core website"> Figure 3 : T cell response in mice monitored for MHC class I Gag tetramer staining as well as memory phenotyping using combinations of cell surface markers CD62L and CD127"
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    Mus musculus
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    Immunology Core- Gene Therapy Program
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    Intracellular cytokine staining assay
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    MHC multimer staining assay
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