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Center for Systems and Computational Biology

Director: Speicher, David W., Ph.D.


The Wistar Institute’s Center for Systems and Computational Biology (CSCB) is an interdisciplinary unit that applies advanced computational and technological systems to the understanding of human disease. Through the CSCB, Wistar scientists are developing lifesaving tests and therapies for a variety of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and HIV/AIDS.

The CSCB meets a pressing need among researchers. In the decade since the Human Genome Project first published the sum total of genes carried in our DNA, scientists have come to an even greater appreciation of the complexity of life. They understand that states of both health and disease are dictated by the intricate relationships between genes, proteins, cells, and entire groups of cells.

Through the Center, Wistar scientists can take complicated sets of data and boil them down to their essential nature, highlighting distinct points amid these tangled, interrelated genetic systems where therapeutic treatments will have the most effect.

The ultimate result will be improved targeted drugs; better biomarkers that will enable efficient tests for disease diagnosis, patient prognosis and predictions for a patient’s response to treatment; and a deeper understanding of the biology of life.



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