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CTRC Cardiovascular Phenotyping Unit (Penn/CHOP)

Directors: Chirinos, Julio A., M.D. | Penn; Cohen, Meryl, M.D. | CHOP


The Cardiovascular Phenotyping Unit provides cardiac testing services with shared facilities for both children and adults. The Unit provides the technical services and expertise to conduct the highest quality research, provides research tests in a cost-effective manner, and provides unparalleled training opportunities in clinical research for investigators, fellows, students and technicians. Most services are provided across the life cycle. For studies involving both adult and pediatric populations, the pediatric and adult CPUs can collaborate closely and standardize procedures according to the investigators’ needs. Please contact the Directors for special arrangements or input regarding cardiovascular phenotyping.





  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Core ( Analysis service )

    "The CTRC now provides 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring using Spacelabs Healthcare equipment. The service is provided by experienced nephrology physician and nursing staff who will coordinate the visit and place the monitor, instruct the subject/families, upload the data, prepare study reports and perform other necessary tasks. Interpretation of results will also be available."

    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: Professional Interpretation of test results
    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: Test

  • Arterial structure/function test service ( Analysis service )

  • Cardiovascular ultrasound service ( Analysis service )

  • Echocardiographic laboratory services ( Analysis service )

    Echocardiographic services include:

    • Color flow doppler
    • Complete echo congenital
    • Doppler complete study
    • Doppler echo limited
    • Echo 2D complete study
    • Echo 2D limited
    • F/UP limited echo congenital
    • Two DM-Mode W Spctrl Dop/Clr Flw-C
    • Echocardiograph: 15 min., 30 min., 60 min. Professional interpretation/reading

  • Electrocardiographic laboratory services ( Analysis service )

    • ECG with rhythm
    • ECG without rhythm
    • Electrocardiogram: Professional interpretation/reading

  • Exercise cardiovascular phenotyping service ( Analysis service )

    • Vasodilatory reserve with exercise
    • Cardiac output reserve during exercise
    • Myocardial function during exercise
    • Flow distribution during exercise

  • Mitochondrial function testing service ( Analysis service )

    Skeletal muscle mitochondrial function testing

  • Other cardiac testing services ( Analysis service )

    Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity
    Central pressures
    Wave reflections and augmentation index
    Muscular artery stiffness measurements
    Aortic pressure-flow relations
    Skeletal muscle oxygenation
    CPET + Echocardiography combined studies
    Diastolic function assessments
    Near infrared spectroscopy

  • Stress echocardiography service ( Analysis service )

  • Vascular laboratory services ( Analysis service )

    The Vascular Laboratory Unit provides the following measurements and assessments:

    ABI: Ankle brachial index
    PWV: Pulse Wave Analysis
    PWV: Pulse Wave Velocity
    BART: Brachial reactivity
    IMT: Carotid intimal thickness
    Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
    Interpretation (IMTs/BARTs)


  • Vascular Tools ( Software )

    Vascular Tools is "FDA approved for clinical use. Software aids analysis of vascular ultrasound images and image sequences, to determine:
    • vascular diameter
    • intima-media thickness, and vascular age estimates
    • their changes over time as depicted in brachial and carotid arterial ultrasound images"

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