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Penn Genome Frontiers Institute

Directors: Eberwine, James H., Ph.D.; Kim, Junhyong, Ph.D.


Genomics represents the transformation from "What is it?" to "What are its organizing and generative principles?" in the scientific journey to understand the complex networks that comprise living organisms and populations. The prime mission of the Penn Genome Frontiers Institute is to be at the forefront of this scientific transformation.

Based at the University of Pennsylvania, PGFI is a university-wide institute dedicated to the advancement of the interdisciplinary field of genomics research. PGFI fosters collaborations and scientific exchange across biology, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, medicine, genetics, microbiology, engineering, physics, chemistry and psychology.

Towards its mission, PGFI pursues four key objectives:

• To lead the development of new quantitative genomic technologies, particularly in the area of in vivo genomics
• To promote genome-scale interdisciplinary research
• To foster integrated genomics education and training
• To assist the incorporation of genomic technologies in biomedical research



    Member: Donelly, Joyce
    Role: Business Manager, Penn Genome Frontiers Institute



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