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  • Single-Molecule Optical Trap, Sub-Pixel Tracking and Polarization Microscopes ( Total internal reflection fluorescence instrument )

    The microscopes were designed and built by the laboratory of Dr. Yale E. Goldman using modified Nikon TE-2000 and TE-I microscopes and Photometrics Cascade II and Evolve EMCCD cameras.

    Prism-type and objective-type total internal reflection fluorescence microscopes equipped with optics on the excitation and emission pathways for detecting changes in orientation and rotational mobility of single fluorescently molecules and for applying pN-level mechanical forces. The instruments are capable of tracking the 3-dimensional position of fluorescent molecules with nanometer-level precision in vitro and in live cells. Excitation and emission wavelengths are optimized for macromolecules fluorescently-labeled with probes in the visible wavelength range.

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