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Biological Chemistry Resource Center (Penn)


The Biological Chemistry Resource Center (BCRC) at the Department of Chemistry has been established to provide an open access user facility for state-of-art biophysical analytical instrumentation. The goal of the center is not only to provide access to instrumentation, but also supply the graduate student and post-doc user community with a firm understanding of the scientific principles behind the techniques and on-site expertise to ensure successful experimentation. Instrumentation access will be available to the entire University of Pennsylvania research community.




  • CEM Liberty 1 Microwave Peptide Synthesizer ( Peptide synthesizer )

    The peptide synthesizer "is capable of rapidly making peptides and small proteins via FMOC (fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl) solid phase synthesis."

    "The Liberty1 system features microwave peptide synthesis which offers several advantages over conventional synthesis conditions including:

    • Shorter reactions resulting in fast cycle times
    • Higher purity peptides than conventional synthesis
    • Use of standard, inexpensive peptide synthesis reagents
    • Synthesis of peptides impossible to synthesize under conventional conditions"


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