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Center for Systems and Computational Biology (Wistar)

Director: Speicher, David W., PhD


The Center for Systems and Computational Biology (CSCB) is an interdisciplinary unit that bridges the Institute's research programs, provides space and resources to encourage scientific interactions, and allows for more efficient use of centralized computational and other advanced technological platforms. The Center supports the development of new tools for integrating and analyzing data from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular modeling, and high-throughput screening, chemical biology, structural biology, and imaging, all of which involve large complex datasets that can challenge limits of available software tools and require high capacity, reliable data storage.

As part of its mission to support biomedical research at The Wistar Institute, the CSCB provides comprehensive services to assist with every aspect of scientific computing. The CSCB offers consultations for scientific computing and data management, primarily through the Bioinformatics Core Facility.

Members of the CSCB also collaborate on a variety of projects related to detecting, understanding and treating cancer, other diseases and clinical disorders, as well as projects on infectious disease and the development of new and more effective vaccines.



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