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Human Immunology Core (Penn)

Director: Luning Prak, Eline., MD, PhD


The Human Immunology Core provides reagents and scientific expertise to investigators studying immune function in humans. The core serves as a central facility for cell and tissue processing, generation of human blood cell products, and the performance of qualified cellular and molecular immune assays for early-phase clinical trials. Assays include multicolor immunophenotyping, high throughput sequencing of T cell receptor and B cell receptor genes, luminex, ELISPOTs, ELISA and expert scientific and technical consultations to investigators wishing to develop or incorporate the newest immunology technologies into their research.




Biological Specimens

  • Primary lymphocytes ( Biological Specimen )

    "Donors are members of the community, recruited through word of mouth. They are generally between 20-40 yrs of age, of both genders, and representative of our diverse community. We generally schedule donors 1.5 to 2 months ahead (please see our donor calendar for specifics), and we will do our best to schedule a requested donor. HIV infected individuals can be scheduled. Any other patient populations will need their protocol and thus cannot be recruited by this protocol. Please note we no longer test donor blood for infectious diseases. Please work with all human blood products using universal precautions."

  • Purified blood products ( Biological Specimen )

    Purified human leukocyte subsets, prepared fresh from normal donors:

    • PBMC
    • monocytes
    • T cells
    • CD4+ T cells
    • CD8+ T cells
    • B cells
    • NK cells
    • mononuclear cell-enriched apheresis product
    • unpurified product



  • Blood processing service ( Material processing service )

    PBMC can be isolated from blood or apheresis product. Serum or plasma separation also available.

  • Cryopreservation ( Material storage service )

    Banking of cryopreserved PBMC and plasma.

  • ELISA AND ELISpot assays ( Material analysis service )

    • ELISA
    • ELISpot assays
    —> T cell
    —> B cell
    —> self-service plate reading/counting
    • Epitope mapping

  • Human immunology investigation consultation service ( Support service )

    "All users are encouraged to meet with the Facility or Technical Director during the planning of a clinical investigation to assure their needs are fully considered. Consultation on grant applications and the planning of clinical trials is available before and during the course of a trial. Areas of expertise include:
    • Specimen collection and handling
    • Viable sample storage conditions
    • Assay sensitivity and variability
    • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)"

  • Immunological assay training ( Training service )

    "Training on all of the immunological assays offered by the Human Immunology Core is available."

  • Intraepithelial lymphocyte isolation from intestinal biopsy ( Material processing service )

  • Luminex multiplex and Cytometric Bead immunological assays ( Material analysis service )

    Luminex™ multiplex and Cytometric Bead assays (magnetic and non-magnetic beads) for:

    • cytokines
    • transcription factors
    • phosphoproteins
    • RNA

    Options of this service are:

    • data acquisition
    • binding assay
    • kit procuration
    • Luminex TCSL
    • Luminex with analysis

  • Molecular immunology assays ( Material analysis service )

    • High throughput sequencing of human IgH
    • High throughput sequencing of human TCR Vb

  • Multi-color flow cytometry panels ( Material analysis service )

    • Th subsets
    • Memory T cell subsets
    • B cell subsets and plasma cells
    • Innate immune cells
    • Analysis of activation, inhibition, exhaustion phenotypes
    • High-dimension screening (lyoplate)
    • Intracellular staining
    • Custom panel design, performance and analysis

  • Primary lymphocyte isolation and sub-population enrichment service ( Material processing service )

    T Cells
    CD4+ T
    CD8+ T
    B Cells
    NK Cells
    Mononuclear Cell-Enriched Apheresis Product
    Unpurified apheresis product

  • Specimen shipping service ( Transport service )

    Domestic or international

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