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Neurobehavior Testing Core (Penn)

Director: O'Brien, W. Timothy., PhD


Although there have been major advances in Psychiatry and Neurology, less progress has been made toward understanding nervous system function, specifically the mechanisms underlying behavior. The Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center (PMNC), the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT), the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology (CSCN) and the Perelman School of Medicine(PSOM) established the Neurobehavior Testing Core (NTC) for behavioral phenotyping of mice. In addition to serving as a resource for neuroscience researchers, the NTC can be utilized by scientists in other disciplines who are interested in the behavioral consequences of other physiological (e.g., metabolic) disruption.

The NTC offers comprehensive testing of mouse models of disease and experimental compounds. Investigators can select from a broad range of assays that can be tailored to their specific interests. Our assays include tests for Learning and Memory, Circadian and home-cage activity monitoring, Affective disorder-related behaviors, Social interaction, Sensory and Motor function, Drug addiction-related behaviors and electrophysiological recording. The NTC also provides consultation, assistance in writing protocols and data analysis. The NTC can train personnel from an investigator’s lab to perform experiments at a reduced cost. Please contact Dr. W. “Tim” O’Brien at obrienw@mail.med.upenn.edu or (215) 898-0476 to discuss how the Neurobehavior Testing Core could facilitate your research.







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