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Division of Translational Medicine and Human Genetics, University of Pennsylvania


Welcome to the Division of Translational Medicine and Human Research. Our highly diverse team of researchers, clinicians, and educators draw on expertise from a number of specialties to advance knowledge of genetics and genomics, translate that knowledge to advances in diagnostics and clinical care, and train the next generation of experts.

Translational medicine is a term used to describe the "translation" of laboratory research findings into proof of concept in humans, ultimately leading to advances in the diagnosis, prediction, treatment, and possible prevention of disease. Human genetics encompasses the study of human genetic variation and its impact on health.

Penn Medicine is a leader in translational therapeutics, as well as the application of human genetics to clinical medicine. There is tremendous opportunity to harness the knowledge that can be gained from the human genome to optimize long-term health and provide information that will be relevant to future generations. In addition to serving the needs of patients with identified disease or genetic risk factors, we work in partnership with experts across the Health System to gain new knowledge and innovate toward evidence-based, genome-first medicine.

Our clinical programs bring together multidisciplinary teams to serve a wide variety of clinical needs. Nationally renowned, board-certified physicians are supported by a team of genetic counselors who provide in-depth patient education and counseling, as well as care coordination.



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