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Research in my laboratory focuses upon the nature and origin of human odors, particularly those from the underarm (axillae) and the oral cavity. We have identified the structures of many human axillary odorants, demonstrated the presence of human primer and modulator pheromones in the axillary secretions and have used our knowledge of body chemistry to diagnose disease and the time of optimum fertility in females. We are pursuing the structures of the active pheromone constituents via a bioassay-guided isolation procedure as well as employing gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to generate metabolic profiles (“metabolomics”) of human urine, skin and axillary secretions to identify biomarkers of disease, individual identity and stress. In addition we study the amelioration of malodors from humans with the odor producing metabolic disease, Trimethylaminuria, as well as from agricultural and environmental activities via cross-adaptation, odor absorption and anti-microbial agents.


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