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Interventional Radiology Animal Catheter Lab (Penn)


In the Interventional Radiology Catheter Lab minimally invasive procedures are performed via fluoroscopy, ultrasound and endoscopy. Percutaneous vein and arterial access is performed via ultrasound-guided technique. Surgeons are then able to guide catheters, ballon dilation, and other small instrumentation through the blood vessels. Procedures that have been performed in the lab are:

• Angiography
• Aneurysm creation
• Balloon angioplasty
• Embolization (coil, glue, embospheres)
• Inferior vena Cava (IVC) filter placement & retrieval
• Selective arterial catheterization
• Stent placement (renal, gastric, iliac)
• Peroral gastroenteric anastomosis

This lab has capabilities for full surgical and anesthesia protocols and full fluoroscopy imaging. Included in the lab are a small office space, an LCD monitor and computer for the fluoroscopy unit, eye wash station and a surgeon scrub sink.





  • Fluoroscopy suite access ( Access service )

    The fluoroscopy suite is maintained and fully stocked by the Interventional Radiology Lab Technician. This room is equipped with a variety of instruments, including:

    • a Pedigo mobile stainless steel table
    • oxygen, vacuum, suction, and medical air wall connections via a main supply source
    • sink, sharps containers, biohazard waste containers, and garbage cans.

  • Interventional Radiology Catheter lab study support ( Support service )

    The Interventional Radiology Research Technician will provide the necessary study support, including anesthetic induction, monitoring and postoperative care for all animals involved in a study. The technician is also competent in IACUC protocol development, and adhering to all levels of Compliance. The technician is a Certified Veterinary Technician and AALAS Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist. She is trained and skillful in Lab Animal Anesthesia for all species.

  • Prep room access ( Access service )

    Adjacent to the laboratory is a prep room which is used before every scheduled procedure in the Catheter Lab. The room is equipped with:

    • Shorline Hydraulic Transport Table
    • Heska Vet IV 2.2 Infusion Pump
    • Gaymar T/Pump and warm water circulating blanket
    • Phillips portable overhead light
    • Midmark Matrix Anesthesia machine with Hallowell Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator

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