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Organisms and Viruses

  • ColX-Tg ( Mus musculus )

    Transgene constructs encoded chicken collagen X variants with in-frame deletions of either 21 (21Δ, eg, SpLX) or 293 (293Δ, eg, SpLXH) amino acids within the central triple-helical domain. Expression of the chick collagen X 21Δ or 293Δ transgenes in mice was driven by either a 4.7-kb (∼4750 bp upstream from transcription start) or a 1.6-kb (∼1650 bp upstream from transcription start) chicken collagen X promoter fragment.

    Congenic Lines:
    Congenic lines were generated by inbreeding each line greater than 12 generations into the C57BL/6 mouse strain. They are labelled 1.6-293Δ -B6 and 4.7-21Δ-B6.

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