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Ocular iPS Cell Core (Penn)

Director: Bennett, Jean., MD, PhD


THE CAROT iPS Cell Core is focused on creating a biorepository of cells from individuals with inherited retinal degenerations and on using cells from the repository to establish induced pluripotent stem cell lines that can be differentiated into ocular- and retinal- specific lineages. The use of patient derived iPSC allows the Core to create disease- and patient- specific personalized models of disease. A primary objective of the Core is to use patient iPSC-derived cell models for proof of concept studies and drug screening for new therapeutics. Additionally, the Core will provide training and guide investigators in the creation of iPSC lines and their differentiation into various retinal specific lineages. The Core can also provide liquid nitrogen storage of derived cells. The Core Director, Dr. Jeannette Bennicelli, is a cellular and molecular biologist with expertise in the derivation and manipulation of cell lines as well as design, construction, and testing of therapeutic AAV vectors.





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