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Microscopy Core (Penn)

Director: Jimenez, Juan., PhD





  • Live cell culture imaging system ( Inverted microscope )

    The live cell culture imaging system has an environmental chamber, x-y-z motorized stage mounted on a Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U inverted microscope, and high-resolution CCD camera. Temperature, CO2, and humidity can be controlled in the environmental chamber. For example, the chamber can maintain a humidified atmosphere at 37°C with 5% CO2.

    Fluorescent and phase-contrast microscopy can be carried out over hours or days. The motorized stage allows precise sampling, for example, of specified wells in a 96-well plate.

    Contact Dr. Kaori Ihida-Stansbury for access.

  • Nikon Eclipse 80i ( Microscope )

    The Nikon Eclipse 80i has brightfield and fluorescence capabilities.

    Contact Dr. Kaori Ihida-Stansbury for access.

  • Olympus IX2-DSU ( Spinning-disk confocal microscope )

  • Olympus IX81 ( Inverted microscope )

    The Olympus IX81 is equipped with an ORCA-ER Hamamatsu CCD camera and is capable of 3-color imaging.

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