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Neurons R Us (Penn)

Director: Sul, Jai-Yoon., PhD


Neurons R Us is a service center provided by the Penn Medicine Translational Neuroscience Center (PTNC) at the University of Pennsylvania. We have been supplying neurons for research to the Penn community for over 25 years. The center's Technical Director, Margie Maronski, won Penn's 2008 Models of Excellence award for her work providing outstanding cultures to Penn researchers.

Advantages of buying from us
• Low cost
• On campus
• Mouse and rat
• Hippocampus and neocortex - other tissues upon request
• Healthy, longer lasting cultures
• Provided in dishes, wells or in suspension; with or without glia
• Expert advice and troubleshooting
• "Made to order" cultures upon request, e.g. transgenics, other strains






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