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International Consortium for Blood Pressure


The ICBP consortium is an international effort to investigate blood-pressure genetics. The consortium was formed by two parent consortia, the CHARGE-BP consortium (Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology - blood pressure) and the GBPGEN consortium (Global Blood Pressure Genetics Consortium).



  • ICBP GWAS: Summary Statistics ( Database )

    "This genome-wide association study of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which used a multi-stage design in 200,000 individuals of European descent, identified sixteen novel loci: six of these loci contain genes previously known or suspected to regulate blood pressure (GUCY1A3–GUCY1B3, NPR3–C5orf23, ADM, FURIN–FES, GOSR2, GNAS–EDN3); the other ten provide new clues to blood pressure physiology.""

    This zipped file (“ICBP-summary-Nature.csv”) contains the genome-wide meta-analysis p-values. The definitions of the variables are as follows: rsid: SNP ID (rs number); chr.hg18: chromosome; pos.hg18: physical position in hg18 coordinates; pval.GC.SBP: genome-wide meta-analysis p-values for systolic blood pressure, corrected for genomic control; pval.GC.DBP: genome-wide meta-analysis p-values for diastolic blood pressure, corrected for genomic control.

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