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Small Animal Imaging Facility Core (CHOP)

Directors: Huang, Hao., PhD; Magnitsky, Sergey., PhD


When you’re in need of radiological imaging for your research, look no further than the Small Animal Imaging Facility at Children’s Hospital. We’re a specialized and designated Core facility providing multi-modality radiological imaging for mice and rats. We provide a clean and state-of-the-art environment to conduct the imaging required for your longitudinal studies.





  • Biospec (Bruker) ( MRI Scanner )

    Biospec (Bruker), featuring a Bruker 7T horizontal magnet with 12 cm gradient coils (maximum strength of 600 mT/m) and a Bruker 9.4T vertical bore magnet for microimaging

  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum ( Imager )

    Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum that supports both bioluminescence and fluorescence

  • Siemens Inveon ( Positron emission tomography scanner )

    Siemens Inveon combines positron emission tomography with computed tomography. The fusion of PET and CT images combines the exquisite functional information of PET with the high precision anatomical information of CT (better than 20 micrometers)

  • Visualsonics VEVO 3100 ( Ultrasound machine )

    Visualsonics VEVO 3100 is high-frequency, high-resolution digital system with linear array technology and color Doppler mode


  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) ( Material analysis service )

    -- Provides state-of-the-art small animal MR imaging capabilities (a Bruker 7T horizontal bore system and a Bruker 9.4T vertical bore system), high anatomic resolution and versatile performance. A choice of 10 dedicated animal coils (four wrap-around body coils and six surface coils) and four animal beds allows for imaging in optimum conditions.
    -- Possible support includes experimental design, equipment and pulse sequence development for innovative MRI imaging and processing and interpreting the acquired MRI data.

  • Mcroimaging and NMR ( Material analysis service )

    The regular NMR spectrometer is equipped with a full capacity microimaging accessory with six coils (5 mm to 30 mm in diameter), allowing for imaging of fixed samples with optimum resolution.

  • Optical Imaging ( Material analysis service )

    Supporting both bioluminescence and fluorescence, this system has high throughput (five mice with 23 cm field of view), high resolution (up to 20 microns with 3.9 cm field of view) and is easy to operate. Full 3D imaging is difficult to achieve due to light scattering and absorption, but some degree of 3D information can be obtained

  • Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) ( Material analysis service )

    -- The system can produce full 3D images of tracers over a field of view sufficient to accommodate the full body of a mouse and most of a rat.

  • Ultrasound ( Service )

    The wide range of applications includes high-resolution anatomic imaging, Doppler blood flow measurements, 3D-mode imaging and volume analysis.

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