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Pathology Core- Gene Therapy Program


The Pathology Core provides one-stop shopping to GTP investigators for all histology-related work, ranging from tissue collection, processing and staining to microscopy and image analysis.




  • Pathology Services ( Material analysis service )

    Services Performed

    -- Tissue collection
    -- Routine and special stains
    -- Immunostaining (immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry)
    -- In situ hybridization (RNA, vector DNA)
    -- Reporter gene detection (GFP, LacZ)
    -- Enzyme activity stains (e.g. OTC, GUSB)
    -- Thin (plastic) sections
    -- Sample preparation for electron microscopy (ultramicrotome sectioning & staining, negative staining of vector preps)
    -- Fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, slide scanning
    -- Image analysis and morphometry
    -- GLP-compliant histology work for safety studies

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