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Nucleic Acid Technologies Core- Gene Therapy Group


The NAT Core at GTP utilizes cutting-edge sequencing technologies to provide full service for a wide variety of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications.




  • Nucleic Acid Analysis Services ( Service )

    Services Performed

    1) Design and execution of novel custom NGS workflows
    2) Consultation in NGS experimental design, data interpretation and troubleshooting
    3) NGS library prep, QC and sequencing for:
    -- Plasmid sequencing
    -- Vector genome sequencing
    -- Amplicon sequencing
    -- Guide-seq (Genome-wide, unbiased identification of DSBs enabled by sequencing)
    -- AMP-seq (Anchored multiplex PCR followed by NGS)
    -- LMU-seq (Ligation-mediated PCR coupled with unique molecular indices followed by NGS)
    -- Whole exome sequencing
    -- Single-cell RNA-seq
    -- Bulk RNA-seq
    4) Data analysis and reporting of Guide-seq, plasmid and vector genome sequencing
    5) Training on Qiaxcel operation

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