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Brain Injury Behavior Center

Director: Zwil, Alexander S., MD


The Brain Injury and Behavior Center specializes in neurobehavioral medicine, providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment of mood, cognitive and behavioral disturbances in individuals with brain injuries and illnesses, including concussion, severe TBI, strokes, tumors, seizure disorders, and any diagnosed focal or generalized brain disease.

The BIBC interacts with other specialty departments and programs at Penn, including Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology, Radiology, etc to provide coordination of specialized services and comprehensive medical, as well as behavioral and psychological, care for our patients.





  • Services ( Support service )

    The BIBC provides:

    -- Comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluations of behavioral, affective, and cognitive disorders in patients with brain injuries, including:
    Personality changes
    Depression, mania, and other major mood changes
    Psychotic disturbances
    Changes of attention, arousal, and cognition

    -- Referral to other departments and programs for specialized non-psychiatric services, including physical rehabilitation and physical therapy, neurological evaluations and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, management of comorbid general medical conditions, and health maintenance.

    -- Cognitive evaluations, including evaluation of attention and concentration abilities, memory, language, and executive functions.

    -- Referral for appropriate ancillary studies, including brain imaging studies, pertinent laboratory studies, and neurophysiological studies, and neuropsychological testing when needed.

    -- Referral for post-acute neurorehabilitation and retraining, vocational rehabilitation, and behavioral management resources.

    -- Entry into psychiatric treatment options, including psychiatric inpatient admission and psychotherapy when required.

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