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Image Analysis and Gene Expression Quantification Core

Director: Chau, Lillian., MS


A number of analytic instruments to qualify and characterize gene expression are available for use. Reservations may be required (see above). Additionally, the Core subsidizes the cost of specific Penn-based technical services to assist Center members in their research projects.

Equipment available in room 933 BRB II/III for use by all Center Members:
ABI 7000 Sequence Detection System, $25/plate
ABI StepOne Plus Real-Time PCR System, $25/plate
Agilent Bioanalyzer (Penn’s Microarray Facility)
Becton Dickinson Accuri C6 Flowcytometer
BioRad Gel Doc XR+ Imaging System
Molecular Dynmaics 840 Phosphoimager
Odyssey Infrared Imaging System (Li-Cor) $25/use
Promega GloMax Multi Detection System
Thermo Scientific Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer

Ancillary equipment available:
Thermal Cycler (ABI 2720)
Dissecting Microscope (Olympus)
Seven -80C Freezers with wireless alarm monitoring
Polytron PT-10-35 Homogenizer

Software available:
MacVector 7.0
Lasergene 5.0
Prism 4/6 (Graphpad)
Chenomx NMR Suite



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