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Tissue Processing Laboratory

Director: Yan, Yan


The Penn Dental Medicine Tissue Processing Laboratory is located in Room 429 of the Levy Building. The laboratory services, available to Penn Dental Medicine researchers as well as other University and outside investigators, include tissue processing; H&E staining, trichrome, and other staining; creation of frozen sections; and deparaffinization. The laboratory also features a cryostat for use by investigators within Penn Dental Medicine; cryostat training is available for a fee (see below).
Investigators requiring the services of the Tissue Processing Laboratory should contact the facility to arrange a meeting to set up the appropriate protocols. Special handling, specimen orientation, and any unique aspects of the tissue being processed will be discussed at that time; in some instances, it may be advantageous for the investigator to be present initially when the specimens are being oriented in the hot paraffin prior to the actual sectioning.



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